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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Turuskas which he shed, the Hood of the river Krsna Increased
in volume ^3). Wheji Kumara Timma captured the forts of
Cittela, Perant, DSvulapalli, XagnUnag'T and Yadappalli, the
other forts such a? Dev&rakr.iida. isdiiakouda, Aruva-palle and
Uiicirakuiida v;£iv pimi'j stricken (4), At the instance of
Ramcrcija and Yara Timmaraja he entered the nioiuitaiiious
country and dispelled the iear of the Soyas ; pat to flight
Mustafa KliSu auci captured ins elephants, cut ofic the heads of
the soldJeis of DSvarakonda who n?,et him in a fierce battle;
and won a victory near the KrsBa over an army which
Ibharamu Saliu \lbrsihmi fehah de&patched against him
(5). As soon as Aliya Eamappa, Yara Timmaraja and
Venkutadri uttered tlie -frords, ' granted permission ', Kumara
Tinima crossed the river Krsua? and within &gaclii he captured
easily Cittela, Peruru, Devulapylii, Nagulapadu and Yadappalli
causing consternation in the niiuds of kings (6). At the
instance of that RaghuraiJj a, #/#,, Yara Timmaraja, he killed
like Hanuman and Garutman their enemies (7). He destroyed
the Mussalman army in a battle fought on the isle of Mandala
near Ko^dapalle*^1.

lii vv. 268-65.


This Yara rrimnia Uayadu inarched to the assistance of
Bhtipati Ravu Saganna when the Pathans of Devarakondaf
attacked him, and destroyed them. At the instance of Aliya
Eamaraja, the king of Karnata, he captured Devulapalii, Peruru,
KaUakonda, Aruvapalli, Gogulapadu and Yadappalli.

s ^* reading of the text,   As there is no possibility of an island "being
th* corr«ct reading ought to be Kcmfepalli in the neighbourhood   of
which there are two or three Islands in the

t The authors of th«   iTttm^it^ri   VamstUMritta, nnable to nnderstand
of   the   Fr/«£3ftaZrf   Vam&toal^   amended the text and converted
it0'Fath*f£ta,* thereby usuring into existence a garrison of Pathans at
*?*3*tt**x' is the accusative plural of *^S«*f meaning 'one who is
$t*tk)&*d to giurison daty/